Welcome to Peregian Beach College

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Peregian Beach College is a non-denominational, co-educational, independent school that caters for students from the Preparatory Years to Year 12. The quality reputation our school enjoys has been achieved through the hard work and diligence of our professional and experienced teaching staff and the innovative and forward thinking of our leadership team.

The College is situated on 21 acres of naturally landscaped grounds and sporting fields on Old Emu Mountain Road at Peregian Beach. The College’s picturesque natural environment creates an ideal location to nurture the principles and values that guide the College: Reflective Practices, Inclusivity, Service to Others and Excellence.

Students at Peregian Beach College are encouraged to engage their academic abilities by taking risks and building knowledge and skills in a safe, flexible and supportive environment with the goal to not only meet but surpass academic potential.

Peregian Beach College has a chosen commitment to the concept of an educational community. Community-building is seen as a value in itself as well as a critical foundation for a happy and successful education for its students. Those who choose to become part of the Peregian Beach College family do so because they want to join a family-orientated environment that values education as a life long journey. Within this framework individuals foster the growth of each other, which then contributes to the wholesome growth of a vibrant educational family.

Our vision is to educate the individual for life-long success. As a team, it is our aim to provide all students at Peregian Beach College with the best possible care in a socially and academically supportive environment that optimises student learning outcomes.

Wayne Kennedy