Enhanced Learning Opportunities

Student Leadership

Leadership is about the art of motivating, influcencing and directing people so that they work together to achieve the goals of a team. It is important for our Student Leadership Team to meet regularly to discuss, voice, decide, promote, organise and review student-run initiatives. The framework for the Student Leadership Team encompasses leadership in action, style, team culture, discipline, vision, communication, problem solving and decision making, resolving conflict, and managing and understanding change. Students create an action plan to implement a new initiative or resolve an issue.


The debating ELO will give students of all abilities a fun way of developing their speaking and presentation skills and develop their critical thinking and confidence in communication. Students will not only debate fun topics, but also become more informed about political and global affairs and develop their persuasive writing and speaking skills.

Rock Band

During the rock band sessions, students will work together to play and perform some classic and modern rock songs on a variety of instruments. Students from Years 5-12 are encouraged to join in the fun and make some noise on guitar, bass, keyboards, drums or vocals. Students can bring their own instrument or borrow school equipment and it is not necessary to know how to read music. Students will hopefully be able to showcase their music skills to an audience at the end of a unit.

Land for Wildlife

The aim of the Land for Wildlife ELO is to undertake planting of native species in order to enhance the College grounds, benefit our local wildlife and encourage an appeciation and understanding of our native flora and fauna amongst the students. Students will participate in soil preparation and testing, replant native habitat, monitor nesting boxes, collect data and propagate plants. We are fortunate to have the assistance of Dr Seonaid Melville (PhD Botany & Landscape Ecology) who has a nursery at the college.

Study & Research Group

The aim of the Study & Research Group is for students to complete their set homework or assessment tasks given by their teachers. Students will work independently and at times, collaboratively. Opportunity for self-paced research opportunity will also be incorporated within the program and support will be provided by teachers.

Board Games

Students will be invited to participate in a range of fun, educational and engaging games. There are many health and wellbeing benefits attributed to participating in games such as memory formation, socialisation skills, shared experiences, stress reduction, having fun and helping students to have less screen time. Students will be able to choose from a range of games but they can also bring in their own games and share with friends.


Students will embark on a range of design-technology based creative projects ranging from finger knitting to sewing fabric monsters. The aim of the Handcraft ELO is to encourage creativity and independent problem solving. Eventually students will draw on their skills and creativity by designing a sewing project of their own.

Junior Baking

During Junior Baking sessions we will learn to identify kitchen equipment and their uses as well as explore a variety of cooking techniques. Students will learn how to assess their cooking collaboratively using sensory analysis techniques. Students will learn how a recipe is structured and may have the opportunity to sell their goods to peers. Each student will receive a Cooking Club certificate.

Game Play & Fitness

Game Play & Fitness is aimed at promoting and developing an interest in sport among students. The ELO will aim to improve the following skills and characteristics of students who take part:


  • Dribbling and passing
  • Shielding and tackling
  • Shooting and goalkeeping
  • Speed and agility
  • Power and endurance
  • Ball control


  • Decision making
  • Responsibility
  • Anticipatory thinking
  • Perseverance
  • Sportsmanship
  • Leadership

This program will hopefully promote interest from students to pursue a sport that they enjoy.

SERVICE: Community Connections

Our aim is in the name of our group. We want to foster connections with our community and give back in a small way. We want to link in to the community and be in a position to be of service to others. It is a known fact that if we feel connected to something, we are more committed to the cause. Everybody has a story to tell so it may mean just leaning in and listening to an older citizen at an old age home or a young citizen at the start of their journey eg. at Kindy.

Our giving back to the community may include: 

  • RSPCA 
  • Beach regeneration/clean-up 
  • Old Age Homes
  • Kindy
  • Community organisations
  • Other schools etc.